I’m way overdue to tie up the thread on the Wisconsin/Minnesota trip by telling you about our first leg, which was to lovely Madison, WI. Madison is in the news tonight, because there are six recall elections happening in Wisconsin today, part of the uncharacteristic-for-the-Midwest turmoil that has gripped the region recently. Meanwhile, London is literally burning; somewhere Joe Strummer is either shaking a fist or shedding a tear, possibly both.

In contrast, I have nothing dramatic to tell you about my time in Madison, which was mostly quiet and pleasant. The highlight was probably attending a live broadcast of the radio show Whad’ya Know, where my question was read on the air and the Old Man got to read the show’s famous “four disclaimers.” (For the record, this was the June 25, 2011 show.)

I was always told that Madison was a hip town, and while I wasn’t there long enough to form a full opinion, my impression was positive. I’d like to spend more time there someday. Note to self: This time, visit Dr. Evermor.