Last House on the Left

This photo was taken on Ye Olde Big Islande, just behind the city dump in the town of Pahoa. It shows where the lava came through town, prompting evacuations and raising the possibility that I might never enjoy another meal at Ning’s, my favorite Thai restaurant on Earth. In the end, Pele claimed only a single house before the flow stalled on this front and headed in a different direction…for now. And we ate at Ning’s twice on our trip.

One feels very close to the elemental forces down there – the fire, the water, the earth. And there’s something in the air, too. Plays tricks on your mind, makes it hard to quite get a grip on things. Which may be why I’m only now getting around to posting this picture; I meant to do so weeks ago. But then what’s the hurry? As Big Island Jim likes to say, we are made of time.

Going South

This photo was taken at South Point, HI during a brief period last week when I was the southernmost person in the United States. If you go left here, it’s a straight shot to Antarctica.