Yesterday we learned that Splash Brother Klay Thompson would be leaving the Warriors to play in Dallas, and it was not even the worst news of the day. That’s just basketball, after all.

On the week of Independence Day this country took another long stride down the dark path to authoritarianism when the Supreme Court ruled, in effect, that a president can’t be prosecuted for anything he does while in office. Yes, they left the door open for some semi-official or nonofficial acts to be prosecuted; but that fact that nothing considered “official” can be used even as evidence seems to allow only a very, very narrow window for accountability.

One of the TV talking heads said that somewhere Richard Nixon was smiling, but I think not. I think Tricky wishes he could have had a lapdog Supreme Court like this in his day. He not only would have finished his term but pulled some kind of Jan. 6-style shenanigans to keep himself in office indefinitely. His jarred head might still be running the country today.[footote]And in the scheme of things, that might not be so bad.[/footote]

Well, there’s one silver lining: Joe Biden is now free to declare the Former Guy a threat to national security and have Seal Team Six take him out. No jury will ever convict him.