Turns out the correct answer was “total faceplant.” In a do-or-die game against the Kings, the Warriors didn’t, shooting a pitiful 41% en route to 94 points vs. the other guys’ 118. Our boy Klay had possibly the worst game of his life, taking ten shots and missing them all.

Am I going to start talking shit about him now? Hell no. He had a bad day. The whole team had a bad day. It happens. I’m going to now take a break from thinking, talking, or writing about basketball for a while. Eventually I’ll get sucked into the playoffs again, and will have the luxury of watching the games without really caring.

Meanwhile it was another strange day in politics, and the strangest thing about it was that we got a glimpse of something that looked like normality. Seven jurors were seated in Fuckface’s trial — which I know should be filed under “jurisprudence,” not politics, despite what he says — which made it feel like the system was actually working. The wheels of justice are turning. Certain ones shall be smitten, and they know who they are.

Do I really believe that? At this moment, as I’m typing, I do. Ask me again in a half-hour.

In the House Speaker Mike Johnson — who despite being a creepy Stepford theocrat has been showing some unexpected glimmers of reasonableness — made moves to facilitate aid to Ukraine, enraging the Putin-loving right wing of his party. A weird thing is happening where Johnson has realized he can do without the handful of MAGA nutjobs that have been holding congress hostage if he does things that Democrats are okay with. If Loudest Nutjob Marge T.G. introduces a motion to vacate (as she’s been threatening/promising to do), and Democrats come to his rescue, can we call that bipartisanship? Will MTG and Co. realize that instead of pulling Johnson to the right, they’re pushing him to the left?

Well, I don’t usually get into politics in this space. There’s too much of it already. But basketball season is over, at least for me, so politics is the only game in town.

And I know, it’s actually not a game. This time around it’s pretty fucking serious. Tens of millions of my fellow citizens, for reasons that I continue to struggle to comprehend, want to install a brain-damaged psychopath who’s failed at everything he’s ever done as dictator of the country. I’ll do whatever I can to help prevent that. And I know ranting to my friends isn’t going to accomplish much, but it’s what I’ve got at the moment, and it makes me feel better. Thanks for listening.