I admit it — I’ve been goggling at the spectacle of Fuckface on trial like the proverbial one-eyed cat. And there has been no shortage of spectacle to goggle at. Today a dude set himself on fire across the street from the courthouse, and the News Professionals carried on like it was the fourth biggest story of the day. Which I guess it was — the five last alternate jurors were seated, clearing the way for opening arguments on Monday; Mike Johnson got a foreign aid bill to the floor with help from Democrats; and more saber-rattling went on between Israel and Iran.

But you know all that already, because you are Plugged-In People.

Meanwhile, the Accused rants and fulminates as he repeatedly rams his head against a big iron door. Very entertaining but one thing worries me: When it’s one man against the system, the average American does not look on and yell, “Go system!” We instinctively root for the individual, right or wrong; and I fear this will redound to the Bad Man’s political advantage.

But I can’t be worried about that right now. It’s a beautiful spring day, a gray cat is writhing at my feet, and a fine dinner awaits.

And hmm, it looks like this is going to be a good old-fashioned blog for a while, where I pop my head up now and again to share thoughts on whatever. Hibernation season is over and the need to Communicate is upon me. Holla back.