“No Plan” is another song written specifically for Lazarus the musical — according to O’Leary, it is

one of the spotlight songs for [Sophia Anne] Caruso’s character, Marley, known mostly in the play as The Girl, a not-quite-dead murder victim who becomes the guardian angel of the exiled alien Thomas Jerome Newton. Singing “No Plan” is how she introduces herself, stating the terms of her confinement while Newton pours himself another drink.

The version from the play sounds very much like a show tune, not necessarily in a good way:

The lyrics of “No Plan” are pretty minimal, especially compared to the logorrhea of “When I Met You”:

Here, there’s no music here
I’m lost in streams of sound
Here, am I nowhere now?
No plan

Wherever I may go
Just where
Just there
I am
All of the things that are my life
My desires
My beliefs
My moods
Here is my place without a plan

Second Avenue
Just out of view
Is no traffic here?
No plan

All the things that are my life
My moods
My beliefs
My desires
Me alone
Nothing to regret
This is no place, but here I am
This is not quite yet

But in his version, David gives them a little more bite:

Bowie is a ghostly figure hovering around the edges of that video, which I think was made after he was gone. The crowd in front of the shop could be there on the day he died, waiting for someone to come on and tell them it’s not true. Or maybe the news has just come over that Earth is really dying.

And then they’re gone. And so is David. And so am I, for now.