I’m going to break chronology again to post a song suggested by this recent lede from the New York Times:

Five years and change. That’s how long humans can keep pumping carbon into the atmosphere at our current rate before we’re likely to push global warming past the most ambitious limit set by the Paris Agreement, according to new estimates released Monday by a team of climate scientists.

In other words: Earth is really dying. I can’t think of anything cute or funny to say about this. The other day I received in the mail, unsolicited, a copy of a magazine called The Week. I randomly flipped it open and saw this headline:

Earth’s ability to sustain human life in peril

It was at the top of page 19.

That’s the world we’re living in now. I strive always for positivity, but some days it’s hard to get there.

Well, at least we have five years left to listen to David Bowie in.