In 2006 Bowie appeared with David Gilmour in London. Their attempt at “Comfortably Numb” was a miscalculation — Bowie’s crooning is no substitute for Roger Waters’ sneer. But their take on the Syd Barrett composition “Arnold Layne” is a winner; it could easily be an outtake from Pin-Ups.

While we’re on the subject of Roger Waters, he’s had quite a week. First he released a re-recorded version of Dark Side of the Moon. (Why?) Then at a concert in London, he annoyed the fans by reading from his manuscript Memoirs of a Lanky Prick instead of playing music, and when the crowd grew restless he told them to fuck off.

Well, we always knew he was an asshole. He used to be an entertaining asshole at least. If he can’t get along with his audience, maybe he should build some sort of… I don’t know, structure… between himself and them. That ought to solve everything.