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It was of course foolish of me to say that there would be “no more (emotional) rollercoaster for a while,” as immediately on the heels of the news that the Lakers’ Anthony Davis would be playing Game 6 after all came reports that the Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins had sustained a rib cartilage fracture and was listed as questionable. Wiggins was absolutely crucial in Game 5 and the prospect of playing without him was not an appetizing one.

And right after that we learned that ex-Warrior Kevin Durant and his new team the Phoenix Suns — considered title favorites by many — had been eliminated by the Denver Nuggets. Possibly I experienced an emotion akin to schadenfreude in that moment, though in theory I have nothing against KD, a massive talent who often seems confused about his direction in life. I can certainly identify with the latter, if not the former.

In the end Wiggins did play and it mattered not. “It’s a make or miss league” is something you’ll often hear NBA talking heads say, and it’s the truth. Last night the Warriors shot 39-for-103 (37.9%) from the field and 13-for-48 (27.1 %) on three-pointers. You’re not going to win doing that.

Klay Thompson, supposedly a Game 6 specialist, was a mystifying 3-for-19. And don’t get me started on Jordan Poole, who was so awful throughout the playoffs that you have to wonder what’s going on in his personal life. Steph managed 32 points but took 28 shots to do it and was 4-for-14 on 3s. Again, that ain’t gonna make it.

Meanwhile the Minotaur LeBron James, who is now 38 years old, was having a night: 30 points (10-for 14, 2-for-3 on threes, 8-for-11 FTs), 9 rebounds, 9 assists. He will be the Nuggets’ problem now.

I will be taking the day off, but I will probably want to watch Game 7 between the Sixers and Celtics tomorrow, because I love Game 7s and I love basketball. But there will be no heart palpitations because, though I have soft spot for the Celtics (Hi Jim!), it will be Just a Game.

Meanwhile there will be much chatter online about What Went Wrong and Is This the End? I say bleh. What happened happened and the future is always a mystery. It was a fun season, mostly, but a long one (95 games by my count), and other forms of entertainment must now be sought. Your suggestions are welcome.