Location: Evergreen Ave.
Personnel: Me, KT, Johnny the cat, Olive the cat
T-shirt: Strength in Numbers

As I was laying in bed Tuesday night, thinking vaguely about sheep but too lazy to count, I realized that a part of me was ready for the emotional rollercoaster that has been this year’s postseason to be over. It’s been a struggle from the drop and after the high of Game 7 against the Kings, the slow-motion horror of losing three out of four to the Lakers — who weren’t even supposed to be here — had depleted my last reserves of optimism.

But then yesterday I grokked that there will be no more rollercoaster for a while. Either the Warriors will win three in a row or the season will be over — no middle ground remains. So I was back in front of my TV at 7, eating delicious cod and drinking Lalande-de-Pomerol (whatever that is), and on the whole feeling pretty good about the world.

It helped that Johnny was there purring and nuzzling against my leg. After a period of dramatic weight loss, he was diagnosed as hyperthyroid and started on medication. He also got a dose of Solensia, “the first and only once-monthly monoclonal antibody therapy that controls feline osteoarthritis (OA) pain.” And he likes cod too. This is not related to basketball, and then again it is, as far as I’m concerned.

The game was one of those where the home team maintains a steady lead but never gets far enough ahead to allow you to relax. The Warriors were up 11 at halftime, at which point Johnny retired to his Fortress of Solitude and was replaced by Olive, who again emitted calming vibes throughout a second half that never got too scary but often seemed like it could go wrong at any moment.

In a play that is the subject of much discussion today, with about 7:40 left in the game, Kevon Looney accidentally elbowed the Lakers’ Anthony Davis in the side of the head.

It didn’t look like that hard of a hit, but either Looney’s elbow is extra-pointy or Davis’s cranium is delicate, because after staggering around for a while Davis went back to the locker room and did not return. Supposedly he had to be moved around in a wheelchair, which seems a tad dramatic, but is not unheard of in the NBA.

This is probably the wrong time to talk trash about Anthony Davis, who earned the nickname “Street Clothes” by missing so many games due to injury. Head trauma is no joke. Also, word today is he didn’t get a concussion, so there is every possibility that he will return to the court tomorrow night and resume wreaking havoc. He is fully capable of single-handedly starting the Warriors’ offseason… or of pulling an el collapso prufundo that takes us to another Game 7. Here’s hoping he is 100% healthy and sucks anyway.