Location: Evergreen Ave.
Personnel: Me, KT, JR, EBR, NR, K?
T-shirt: 2018 Championship

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a 57-point turnaround from Game 2 to Game 3. There’s not a lot to say about last night’s fiasco except that everything went right for the Lake Show and wrong for the Dubs.

How bad was it? Steph Curry, normally the most automatic of free-throw shooters, missed two of his three attempts. The Warriors committed 19 turnovers and it felt like 90. Draymond Green and JaMichael Green, who both started, combined for all of 4 points versus 7 personal fouls and 2 technicals. It was ugly.

Many years ago the Starland Vocal Band, best remembered for “Afternoon Delight,” had a tune where they sang about being “blessed with forgetfulness.” And that is my mantra for today — have a good Sunday, forget about the horror, wake up Monday with a clear head and full heart.