Location: Evergreen Ave.
Personnel: Me, KT, GD
T-shirt: Headband Klay

Everything about this game went perfectly except the result. Good company, good food, good wine, good basketball: check. The score was nip-and-tuck all the way, but when the Warriors went up 10 in the 3rd quarter, one might have been forgiven for assuming they were going to close the deal. Alas, the Kings rallied in the 4th and the game ended up hinging on an Andrew Wiggins 3-point attempt in the last minute. It was a little long and that was that.

It’s hard to be too mad. The Kings played really well, especially quicksilver guard DeAaron Fox (who scored 38 and, annoyingly, found his 3-point stroke in the 2nd half) and reserve Malik Monk (who earned 14 free throws and made them all en route to 32 surprising points). The fans at the Golden One Center were very excited for their first home playoff game in 17 years, and I bet Sacramento was a pretty fun place to be for once.

But that’s enough. I expect the Warriors to make the necessary adjustments, take game 2 tomorrow, and send the local children home in tears. This is no time for cheap sentiment; there’s a dynasty to defend.