In these waning days of 2020, a great laziness has set in here at Philtration Central. Laziness is not unheard of in these parts, and often seems to grow especially acute at a year’s end. And if ever there was a year designed to grind one down, this was it. So no apologies; in time the fog will lift and normal activities will resume.

For now I would like to share with you a 2015 article from The Independent that I ran across recently. It is headlined thusly: “Van Morrison: ‘People who say others are difficult are usually difficult themselves.’” Seemingly keen to counter his own reputation for difficultness, Van comes across as thoroughly friendly and forthcoming, talking a lot about his influences and early career. It’s a good read and will serve you in good stead when the machine gets cranked up again in 2021.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.