If beauty were indeed truth, and truth beauty, I would be sitting here right now writing about how Steph Curry hit a buzzer-beater last night to send the NBA Finals to Game 7. That is undoubtedly the better story.

Things were all set up for it to happen. The Raptors, nursing a 1-point lead in the waning seconds, committed a horrible turnover to give the W’s one last shot. Steph received the pass, got a good look at the basket, and let it fly. It should have been glorious.

Unfortunately, in the timeline I currently find myself in, the shot clanged off the rim and caromed back toward halfcourt. All 10 of the large men in short pants scrambled for the ball; Draymond Green ended up with it and the W’s tried, as one does, to call time out before the clock expired. Unfortunately, they were out of timeouts, which resulted in their being assessed a technical foul. (In basketball this is known as a “Webber.”) And that was pretty much that. The dream was over.

After years of being lucky as well as good, the Warriors found themselves rolling snake eyes over and over in this series. First they brought back Kevin Durant and quickly lost him to a torn Achilles; then in the 3rd quarter last night Klay Thompson went up for a dunk, was fouled in the air by Danny Green, and came down awkwardly on his left knee. After writhing in pain for awhile he headed back to the locker room.

He was halfway down the hallway when he was reminded that if he didn’t shoot his free throws, he would be unable to return to the game. And so he manfully returned to the court, to the delight of the crowd, and calmly sank two freebies. And then he headed back to the locker room and — shades of KD in Game 5 — was next seen on crutches. (Turns out he tore his ACL, making it two straight games in which a W’s All-Star suffered a catastrophic injury.)

The rest of the team battled on and, despite all that had happened, it all came down to that one shot that would have won the game. It just didn’t go in. That happens sometimes.

I would have loved to see this series go to 7 games, win or lose. That just seems more poetically correct. Having the last three games in Oracle Arena be losses, that just seems very wrong.

In fact everything seems wrong this morning. With sudden, biblical force the mighty Warriors have been laid low, to the delight I’m sure of haters everywhere. It may be that they will rise again. I’m still too busy processing to work up any sense of optimism.

Regardless of what happens next, we’ve had our fun. Five straight trips to the Finals. Three titles. Who woulda thunk it, back in the days of Vonteego Cummings? You’ll hear no complaints from this quarter.

And congrats to our neighbors to the north, who now have an NBA title to go with their handsome, non-deranged president. I’m not bitter.