Song of the Week, 2/16/2019

So I just saw this video for the first time in… hmm… 35 years? Hard to believe it’s been that long since the golden age of MTV, but that’s what the math says.

I never forgot this song, which is a four-minute blast of relentless forward momentum that always gets me hyped. But I had forgotten about the video, which is a perfect visual analog: The camera never stops moving, the people never stop running. Ah, all that youthful energy…. Watching it makes me feel 17 again for a minute. Or four.

Of course after seeing this I had to run out and buy the album, which was not that good. It had one other catchy track and the rest was filler. After that Belfegore disappeared into the crevices of history, never to be seen again.

But they had four glorious minutes, which is enough.

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  1. knox Says:

    Never heard this before. I was really excited at first and then at the halfway started to lose interest and then it picked up again with that great instrumental break.

    What happened to two- and three-minute hits?

    1. “She Loves You” 2:22
    2. “Love Me Do” 2:23
    3. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” 2:27
    4. “Can’t Buy Me Love” 2:14
    5. “A Hard Day’s Night” 2:34
    6. “I Feel Fine” 2:20
    7. “Eight Days a Week” 2:45
    1. “Penny Lane” 3:02
    2. “All You Need Is Love” 3:49
    3. “Hello, Goodbye” 3:30
    4. “Hey Jude” 5:05
    5. “Get Back” 3:13
    6. “Come Together” 4:19
    7. “Let It Be” 3:52
    8. “The Long and Winding Road” 3:38
    8. “Ticket to Ride” 3:10
    9. “Help!” 2:19
    10. “Yesterday” 2:06
    11. “We Can Work It Out” 2:17
    12. “Paperback Writer” 2:19

    And Hey Jude was two minutes too long.

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