I happened to pick up Kurt Vonnegut’s Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons today and read the following:

He is the first President to hate the American people and all they stand for. He believes so vibrantly in his own purity, although he has committed crimes which are hideous, that I am bound to conclude that someone told him when he was very young that all serious crime was sexual, that no one could be a criminal who did not commit adultery or masturbate.

He is a useful man in that he has shown us that our Constitution is a defective document, which makes a childlike assumption that we would never elect a President who dislikes us so. So we must amend the Constitution in order that we can more easily eject such a person from office and even put him in jail.

KV was, of course, referring to Richard Nixon. Our current situation is different in that some of President-Elect Von Clownstick’s known crimes are indeed sexual in nature, which does not appear to prevent him from believing in his own moral and intellectual superiority.

He certainly does seem to dislike us. And not just you and me, a pointy-headed bleeding-heart liberal blogger and reader of same. He doesn’t really seem to like anyone, unless they are effusively stroking his ego at that very moment. He never seems to laugh or enjoy life that much. It’s sad, in a way; I think that in truth he is a deeply lonely man with no real intimate relationships. Unfortunately he is also about to become the most powerful man in the free world, with the ability to act out all his personal issues in the form of oppressive policies and international conflict.

It’s unfortunate that we did not heed Vonnegut’s words; all this could have been prevented. Is FVC’s election indicative of some deep-seated masochism in the American people? Do we feel that we have misbehaved and crave an angry Daddy who’s going to send us to bed without any dinner and then sit down at the table with a fork in either hand? I can’t think of a better explanation, can you?