In the audience last night: Andrei Kirilenko (R), victim of the greatest dunk in Warriors history.

OK, it’s not quite summer yet, though it has felt like it the last couple days. But the Warriors did win their 68th game of the season last night, even if they ended up needing overtime to do it. We were watching at the bar at Tomo Sushi in Arcata, where the mood was apprehensive as the W’s repeatedly failed to put the Utah Jazz in their rear-view mirror.

It’s funny, Dubs fans are so horrified now at the prospect of, God forbid, them losing a game. Not that long ago they were regularly losing 50, 55, 60 games a year. At the moment they are stuck on 7, and April starts tomorrow. Good God almighty.

The signature moment last night was Klay Thompson’s 3 to tie it at the end of regulation. Like Steph Curry’s legendary corner 3 at the end of Game 3 of the Pelicans series last year, this was his second shot in a row from the exact same spot after an offensive rebound.

As with the Pelicans, we were forced to go through the formality of an overtime, but there wasn’t any doubt of the result. The Jazz were out of gas and the Warriors put them down without much of a struggle.

Friday night against Boston the Dubs go for 69. Heh-heh.