OK, let’s talk about the Warriors a little bit.

On January 16th they lost their fourth game of the season, and their second in four days, to a mediocre Detroit Pistons team. (Four days earlier they had succumbed to the less-than-mediocre Denver Nuggets.) They were starting to look human.

All that seems like a long time ago. In the meantime, they have stomped the Eastern-Conference-leading Cleveland Cavaliers so badly that the Cavs fired their coach; whipped the Chicago Bulls, arguably the second-best team in the East, by 31; and more or less coasted through an easy home victory against a pretty good Indiana Pacers team.

Last night it was Warriors vs. the San Antonio Spurs. All year long the Spurs have been walking in the Warriors’ footsteps, staying just behind them in the standings while posting some pretty impressive numbers in the process. So this game was supposed to be a toe-to-toe slugfest between the two best teams in basketball.

Which did not turn out to be the case. Pretty much from the tipoff, the Dubs thoroughly dominated the Spurs in every aspect of the game. Steph Curry appeared to be walking on water, throwing up a mind-melting array of ridiculous long bombs and elegant floaters in the lane, not a one of which so much as touched the rim on its way through the net. The rest of the team followed his lead, playing like the ideal versions of themselves, passing the ball beautifully, playing lockdown defense. The Spurs looked confused, disoriented, demoralized.

It was weird.

And you know, blah blah blah, just another game in January. True enough. But this was a beatdown, people. For today, at least, there’s no doubt about who’s the best team on the planet. Which is nice.