I did what now?

I have been superstitiously avoiding writing about the Warriors up to this point, waiting for them to lose a game before I talk about the insane run they’ve been on. But since it looks like that may not happen anytime soon, I’m just going to go ahead.

As of this writing, the W’s are 20-0. That’s twenty wins and zero losses, for those of you keeping score at home. The previous NBA record for wins to start a season was 15, which they have now left far behind. There have been a few close games in there, including a nail-biter the other night against Utah, but also lots of blowouts. Like last night’s evisceration of the Charlotte Hornets, wherein Steph Curry went for 28 points in the 3rd quarter.

I…quite frankly, I am running out of things to say about Steph. There was an old NBA video game where a player used to glow yellow if he was hot. Steph is glowing like that all the time now. When he got it going last night he was throwing in shots from everywhere this side of halfcourt, and I mean waaaaay behind the line, and it didn’t even seem strange. At the bar I was sitting next to a couple of guys who I know to be loyal Warriors fans, and it was all I could do to get them to look up from the family photos they were perusing. We are getting a bit spoiled, I think. From an article on ESPN.com:

In the locker room, Klay Thompson stared blankly ahead, deadpanning of Stephen Curry’s latest unbelievable feat, “This is normal. This is normal now.”

The surreal isn’t supposed to be routine, but somehow Curry and the Golden State Warriors keep bending reality to their whim. In a 116-99 squashing of the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, Curry manifested a home crowd in his hometown. He galvanized the Charlotte fans with a 28-point third quarter and 40 total points (on 18 shots). He scored Golden State’s last 24 points of the period. He scored his last 14 points in the final 1 minute, 53 seconds of the quarter, sinking four 3-pointers at an average distance of 28.5 feet.

After winning the MVP last year, Steph has found another plane above “ridiculous,” which has some people suggesting that he could be the first player ever to win MVP and Most Improved Player in the same year. This will not happen, of course. Nor will the Warriors win 82 games this season. But at the moment it is impossible to imagine them losing.

From an article on Slate.com:

Watching the Warriors play in 2015 is like watching some beautiful, exotic cat absentmindedly torturing a trapped bit of prey. The outcome is such a certainty that you’re there for the destruction, the tragicomic charade that the current victim has a chance.

The Dub Nation is breathing some rarefied air right now. We’re on top of the world, looking down on creation. And man, the oxygen is thin up here. I feel a little lightheaded. But what can you do? Just take a deep breath, put one foot in front of the other, keep calm, and Curry on, people.