Steph Curry won Western Conference Player of the Week again last week, averaging 30 points, 8 assists per game, and 63 percent on 3s. Yawn. Just another week at the office.

Over the weekend my Warriors won their 60th game of the season and clinched the top seed in the Western Conference this year, and they lead the Atlanta Hawks by 3 1/2 games in the race for best record overall and home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. There is not much more they can accomplish in the regular season; at this point it’s all about being ready for the playoffs, which will begin on April 18 or 19.

So I don’t plan on writing about them again until then, but in the meantime, for my own reference as much as anything, I wanted to post links to some of the cavalcade of glowing press the Dubs have inspired lately.

Like this one from the NY Times, where the Warriors are referred to as “3-point-shooting cyborgs.”

Or this one, from Grantland, which contains the following lovely piece of prose-poetry from Bill Simmons:

There is nothing — repeat, nothing — more exciting as an NBA fan right now than being in the house when Steph Curry is feeling it. Bird had the same quality, by the way. For about three minutes, every shot seems possible. A 35-footer? Sure. An off-balance 27-footer with 0.3 seconds to set-and-launch? Why not?

And these Curry shots are SWISHING. That’s the other thing. When it starts happening, the energy in the building actually shifts and becomes something else. It’s tangible. His teammates rise from their bench. The fans start buzzing like they’re waiting for a band to make a Coachella entrance or something. Everyone stands because you simply have to stand. And all the limits of the sport we thought we understood get briefly removed. It’s amazing. Utterly, completely amazing. If you have the money and the Warriors are passing through your city, go see Steph Curry. You want to be there if he starts feeling it. Trust me.

Or this almost embarrassingly adoring analysis of the W’s team chemistry and how it translates to on-court success.

Or this one from the usually skeptical Ray Ratto.

And, finally, this one on the team’s defensive philosophy, which is like a manifesto for righteous living.

That’s enough for now. Let’s all get some rest, take it easy on those shins, and try to be ready when things get real.