So you may be wondering, what do I think of the new Pixies song (“Bagboy”), their first in 8 years and only their third since 1991? I’m glad you asked, because honestly I have mixed feelings.

Taken strictly on its own terms, I think it’s a pretty cool tune. It has a nice groove, some satisfyingly crunchy guitars, and a catchy refrain. And Black Francis sounds pissed off, which is always when he’s at his best.

However…anything that bears the Pixies name has a heavy burden to carry, and I’m not sure that “Bagboy” is up to it. I’m not even sure that it’s right to call anything the Pixies without Kim Deal, who recently departed the band and is replaced here by a synthesized bassline and an unnamed female backing vocalist (I suspect it may be Violet Clark, Francis’ wife and Grand Duchy bandmate).

Francis’ vocal is the only thing particularly Pixieish here; the drums are generic and Joey Santiago’s scorching lead is not much in evidence. I suppose you could call this “Pixies Mk. II”; I kind of wish they had called it something else, but I’m going to try not to be a hater. Here, you can make up your own mind: