The face of a future assassin.

Don’t let the baby face fool you — Stephen Curry is a mean, mean man.

What he did to the Denver Nuggets last night was downright cruel. Scoring 22 points in less than six minutes of the third quarter — that’s the basketball equivalent of pulling someone’s heart out and showing it to them while it’s still beating.

Didn’t Steph’s mama teach him that it’s not nice to treat people that way? Even if those people are your opponents in an NBA playoff game. As he rained in one shot after another — ridiculous threes, floaters, runners, and what appeared to be a 12-foot, left-handed underhand scoop off the glass — all I could do was sit there and marvel at the discourtesy he was showing for his fellow professionals.

All the fight went out of the Nuggets after that. The Dubs lead the series 3–1 now, and stand on the brink of an unlikely series win (though nothing, of course, is guaranteed in this crazy world of ours).

During Curry’s run last night, a friend of mine texted that he was being “preposterous.” Jarrett Jack, in this delightful piece of video, calls him “ridiculous”:

Use whatever word you like — I just hope he didn’t learn his lesson and doesn’t anytime soon.