Herbert was a dashing young man, it seems.

I just now read that Herbert Lom has died. This comes as something of a surprise, as I had no idea he was still alive. Herbert was 95 for Chrissakes!

Most of us remember him as (Chief) Inspector Dreyfus from the Pink Panther movies — in which role he was magnificent — but he had a long and busy career. Not only did he appear in many movies and TV shows, but, according to The Wikipedia,

Lom wrote two historical novels, one on the playwright Christopher Marlowe (Enter a Spy: The Double Life of Christopher Marlowe, 1971) and another on the French Revolution (Dr. Guillotin: The Eccentric Exploits of an Early Scientist, 1992).

Quite the accomplished fellow. Thanks to The Jazz Butcher, I have long been vaguely aware that Lom was in something called The Human Jungle, but I had never seen a second of it. Internets to the rescue!