The Infinite Jest Deathmarch, Stage 16

'The nun's wimple is askew and soiled; the back of her hand, held out in a bladish martial-art fist, displays part of a faded tattoo, some wicked-clawed bird of prey.'

Begin: Page 702 (“Bridget Boone gives him a look.”)
End: Page 751 (“…the woman began to ask about what lengths he believed he was willing to go to.”)

Start Date: 1/22/11
Finish Date: 1/28/11

Note Profile: 27 notes (287–313), including the trés formidable #304 for those of us who haven’t read it already.

A little pressed for time today, but a quick image search turned up not one but two pieces of Blood Sister–related artwork created by people out there in the big wide world. I had to go with the one at the top as my first pick, because the casting is so perfect, but here’s the other:

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  1. Kraut Says:

    Hola from Germany …
    Again visiting the deathmarch … well, if you are interested: there was a “deathmarch” in Germany too (2009) , professionally posted from the publisher, with professional bloggers …
    100 days to get it through … mmhh, was a fine marketing tool.
    Here’s the link:
    Did sell well in Germany. But I didn’t like the “arty” attitudes of the followers, I think, they were paid!
    Some questions:
    Are there more translations? French? Italian? etc?
    Are you (the followers/the philter) reading it for the first time?
    Is it really like this in the glorious US? (Never been there)
    Canada is still doing well?
    The Y.D.A.U. has passed already, I guess…..
    but: there’s one these, I follow:
    The Y.D.A.U. is 2011.

    Uhm .. hold on!! Would like to read the opinions about the end.

  2. computilo Says:

    Almost caught up–I’m only 25 pages behind y’all now. My favorite image thus far (p. 670): “Feral hamsters–bogey-wise right up there with mile-high toddlers, skull-deprived wraiths, carnivorous flora, and marsh-gas that melts your face off…”

    I just saw some feral hamsters at Petsmart last week (they *had* to be feral), but the thought of meeting them in the basement tunnels of E.T.A. (or any basement, for that matter) freaked me out more than the creepy toddlers and wraiths, not to mention the Venus-Fly-Trap-like whatever that lurks down there.

    The man can paint a picture, I’ll give him that.

    And the prospect of being only about 300 pages away from the end of this–um–experience, is making me giddy.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Hi! Chiming in again from my vantage point 250 pages behind. Just got to the amusing description of Charles Tavis’ work on the Toronto SkyDome (p 516), and, curious as to whether this was all a DFW joke, found this on Wikipedia:

    “The stadium’s inward-looking hotel rooms have regular two-way windows, yielding instances of what some could consider indecent exposure. When SkyDome first opened, a couple engaging in sexual intercourse was televised on the scoreboard Jumbotron during a baseball game. Days later, a man was caught masturbating during a game in full view of the packed stands. The man, later tracked down by a Sports Illustrated reporter, calmly said, “I thought they were one-way windows.” Patrons now have to sign contracts stipulating that they will not perform any lewd acts within view of the stadium.”


  4. other dan Says:

    wow, finally got back from my whirlwind tour of los angeles, christmas, new years, new york and orlando and see there are still some diehards, good show to you. i still have the book in my trunk and know exactly what page i left off. maybe one day…

  5. Debra Says:

    Ephebe has become my favorite word this week, perhaps because I discovered that I am living with one, and the future of our world is in the hands of the ephebic.

  6. JES Says:

    I do have the fantods this week so no comments, but I’m still in. Yes, Kraut, first time reader and, yes, we are totally insane in the U.S.

  7. BradH Says:

    Back on the trail this week and I particularly like that even when narrating about certain characters, DFW writes in their voices, the characters.

    Q.v. The long-paragraph-without-a-breath pace and by-ear misspellings about the cocaine enhanced Lenz:”…Lenz was heart-pressed to both keep up and to casually saunter, numb from the knee down and the nostril back.”

    And the foreign grammar of the Quebecois spy: “The smell of U.S.A. cigarettes permeated his veil and made Marathe’s eyes water, and he thought of vomiting also.”

  8. bobdee Says:

    Coming along but a bit behind. I am happy that IJ is generally getting more interesting, even though the plot is still developing soooo slowly. (I am beginning to see the Plot is not what this book is really about) I loved “wave bye-bye to the bureaucrat” it was a good moral problem. Miss the train and lose your job, or help the kid you ran into. I was really happy with his choice, but I am sure he will catch it from his wife.

  9. Matt Says:

    20 pages behind and late once again posting =/

    A bit winded from the multiple reads of note 304 which I have gone through I believe 5 times now. My friend recommended reading every note each time it is mentioned and while I’m fascinated as to how my perception of that note in particular has changed as I’ve been given more knowledge of the plot, I can’t help but feel exhausted after going through it three times in rapid succession.

    Excited to be at the 3/4 mark though. It’s all downhill from here!

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