'I miss Jeannie, Samantha, Sam and Diane, Gilligan, Hawkeye, Hazel, Jed...'

Begin: Page 601 (“As at all D.S.A.S.-certified halfway facilities, Ennet House’s resident curfew is 2330h.”)
End: Page 651 (“Day says: ‘There is no way it could feel worse.’ “)

Start Date: 1/8/11
Finish Date: 1/14/11

Note Profile: 19 notes (246–264), all short and sweet

Speaking for myself, I especially miss Samantha a/k/a Elizabeth Montgomery, one of the earliest and most powerful of my many, many TV crushes. All my adult life all I’ve been looking for is one smart, beautiful woman with magical powers – is that so much to ask for? Unlike Derwood, I would have no problem letting her whip up a nice private island for us. Mr. Tate can go screw.

Um, where was I? Oh yeah, the Deathmarch. Lately I’ve been finding this book almost too easy; I kind of miss the desperate slogging of the early stages, which was strangely satisfying in the same way as exercising until you feel like throwing up. Still, it looks like this week’s reading includes an 10-page or so discussion of M*A*S*H, so that should be fun.