Five years snuck on by

This video of Mr. Bowie on the Dinah Shore show in 1975 is not of the highest quality, but it does have a few things to recommend it. Dinah herself gives a nice intro, during which we get a brief glimpse of the show’s other guests, which include Henry Winkler and the great Nancy Walker. (Nancy Walker! Are you there, Tommy V?) And then we get to see 85-pound David Bowie absolutely belting out “Five Years” backed by his Plastic Soul touring band, who give the song a little different flavor than the Spiders did.

So anyway, without further ado:

497 and counting

And here’s another: live updates from the home office. I am currently stuck in my desk chair because my cat The Precious has decided she wants to sleep in my lap, and she kind of calls the shots around here. But I do happen to have my camera right at hand.


Yes, that’s right, cat pictures: last resort of the desperate blogger. It’s come to that. Who knows where we’ll be by the end of the day?

A Case of the Mondays

So here we are: It’s May 10, 2010. (5/10/10: nice neat numbers, those.) The big 5th blogiversary is tomorrow. The comments stand at 529 (thanks to everybody who pitched in, this part went much better than I expected), with the number of entries lagging sadly behind at 494. So what do I do? Post every thought I have today, Twitter-style, to try and get the number up? Fudge the math and hope nobody notices (which nobody will, especially if I delete this entry before anybody reads it)? Or just forget about the numbers and be happy with what I’ve got? I haven’t made up my mind yet; I guess we’ll see what happens.