The Most Interesting Man in the World

Posted in Whatever Else on October 2nd, 2009 by bill
Werner Herzog shares a warm moment with collaborator and nemesis Klaus Kinski.

Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski share a warm moment.

With all due respect to the “Stay thirsty, my friends” guy, in my opinion the most interesting man in the world right now is filmdirektor Werner Herzog. Perhaps best known in this country for the documentary Grizzly Man, Herzog has a long and distinguished resume including six feature films starring honest-to-God madman Klaus Kinski, about whom Herzog also made the doc My Best Fiend.

What makes Werner Herzog the most interesting man in the world? So many things—here is a quick bulleted list:

  • In 1974, Herzog was told that Lotte Eisner, a film historian whom he admired, was seriously ill. He decided that by walking from Munich to Paris, a distance of about 500 miles, through harsh winter conditions, he would somehow save her life. Herzog completed the journey, as recounted in his book Of Walking on Ice, and Eisner did in fact live nine more years.

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