The letter “I” seems to be very fertile ground, maybe because it is the land of ego, where human beings spend so much of their time. This week’s short (<20 min.) agglomeration of songs all have titles starting with the word "I'm." The playlist is after the jump. Enjoy: PLAY

I’m So Free/Lou Reed (Transformer)
I’m So Green/Can (Ege Bamyasi)
I’m So Proud/Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions (People Get Ready: The Curtis Mayfield Story)
I’m So Tired (acoustic version)/The Beatles (The Esher Demos)
I’m So Tired (album version)/The Beatles (The Beatles)
I’m Sorry/Bo Diddley (I’m a Man—The Chess Masters)
I’m Sticking with You (demo)/The Velvet Underground (Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition)