Today’s treat is a music mix I’m calling “Mind Bender,” which is what you’ll hear John Lennon say in the sample from the Beatles Anthology at the beginning. The playlist is after the jump, but here’s a hint: every other song is by the Beatles.


1. Dig a Pony/The Beatles (Let It Be)
2. I Can Dig It/Alex Chilton (Stuff)
3. Dig It/The Beatles (Let It Be)
4. Dig My Grave/They Might Be Giants (Apollo 18)
5. She Said She Said/The Beatles (Revolver)
6. Dead/Pixies (Doolittle)
7. It’s All Too Much/The Beatles (Yellow Submarine)
8. Too Much 21st Century/Bauhaus (Go Away White)
9. Taxman/The Beatles (Revolver)
10. The New Pollution/Beck (Odelay)
11. Hey Bulldog/The Beatles (Yellow Submarine)