Don’t look now, but the Beatles—or at least the Beatles franchise—will soon be joining us here in the 21st century. Even as we speak an unprecedented marketing shitstorm is being unleashed to ensure that the release of the Beatles Rock Band game, in conjunction with a completely remastered catalog, on 9/9/09 does not escape the attention of any intelligent or semi-intelligent primate on the planet.

And who am I to resist? Not only do I enjoy writing about the Beatles, but I’ve noticed that my Beatles-related posts tend to garner more attention than any others. It’s one subject that people just never seem to tire of. So I am challenging myself to post something about the Beatles every day for the next nine days.

At the moment, though, time is tight, so let’s start with this photograph I took in Vegas. In one of the casinos there’s a Beatles-themed bar where the word “REVOLUTION” appears in 10-foot-high letters with a dancing girl in each “O.” I’m crapping you negative: