Our next president plays basketball and levitates.

One hates to echo the dreaded Ronald Reagan, but it really does feel like a new day has begun in this country. And not a moment too soon.

I think to be honest, the feeling for a lot of us watching the returns last night was less joy than simple relief. Two highly suspect elections and eight years of The Worst President Ever have beaten us down to such an extent that we’re not asking for much. Like, we may not be the brightest country on the block, but it’s possible to believe now that we’re not a nation of complete morons (at least not predominantly). It’s also a relief to know that the Republicans and their machine minions aren’t going to steal every election until the end of time.

It worries me a little that the expectations for President Obama have been raised impossibly high, but I for one am not asking for miracles. Some baseline, minimum level of competence and decency would be just fine. Even this, though, would be such an upgrade from what we’ve had that it makes me a little giddy. I saw Condoleezza Rice on TV this morning and she looked pretty giddy herself; makes you wonder what she’s been thinking all this time. Like maybe she’s tired of having to apologize for a cowboy clown who goes around starting wars for no reason and giving unwanted, inappropriate neckrubs to world leaders.

But this is no time to rehash the crimes and miseries of the recent past; today is a day to celebrate and imagine possibilities for the future. Give yourself permission to dream a little extra today; I think you’ve earned it.