As I have mentioned in years past, today is the shared birthday of David Bowie, Bill Graham, and The Elvis Presley (as Andy Kaufman used to call him). Sort of rock’n’roll Presidents’ Day. Quite frankly, I resent having to work today, and as a protest I will just go through the motions while quietly humming a mashup of “Mystery Train” and “The Bewlay Brothers.”

In other rock news, I was delighted to learn yesterday that the boys from Bauhaus will be releasing a new album, their first since 1983’s Burning from the Inside, on March 3, March 8, or March 10, depending on which source you believe. According to,

Go Away White was recorded in 18 days at Zircon Skye in Ojai, with singer Peter Murphy, bassist David J, guitarist Daniel Ash, and drummer Kevin Haskins playing together as a band in one room, taking first takes as final cuts.

Which, if it were anyone else, would worry me. Playing live in the studio is fine, but why first takes? And if you’re using first takes, why would it take 18 days? But there’s always been something magical about Bauhaus, so I choose to believe that it will be great. After all, reunion tours usually suck, but theirs was awesome, including a scorching performance of their version of “Ziggy Stardust” — which brings us full circle back to David Bowie, and lets me get on with my day.