That’s Michael O’Keefe, a/k/a Danny Noonan, on the left — barely visible here as in the movie.

Actually, one more thing about Michael Clayton. This film was full of revelations, but the most shocking came during the closing credits, when I learned that the character of Barry — Clayton’s in-house rival — had been played by none other than Michael O’Keefe. I never would have recognized little Danny Noonan in this smug, button-down jerkface, which means either that O’Keefe is a superb actor or that much too much time has gone by since Caddyshack.

I think I’ll go with the former — after all, he was nominated for an OscarRRR for The Great Santini. The latter leads down the path of the Dark Musings, which are not at all appropriate for this festive season. Although that doesn’t explain why he had such a small part. Never mind — it’s time for bed anyway.