As has happened so often lately, I will not be writing today (except for this paragraph, and maybe one or two more). But today’s non-writing will be different: It will be conducted in solidarity with the striking Writers Guild of America. I would also like to dedicate to the cause yesterday’s failure to write even a single word, as well as everything else I do not write for the duration of this dispute, which could be quite a bit. First, though, a quick question:

The proper name of the organization, as far as I can tell, is in fact “Writers Guild of America.” But shouldn’t that be “Writers’ Guild of America,” as in the guild belonging to the writers? A quick check of the AP Guide tells me that the “International Longshoremen’s Association” and the “Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers’ Union” make appropriate uses of the apostrophe in their names; isn’t it a tad embarrassing that the blue-collar guys get it right and the writers blow it? Fish Sandwich, can you hear me?

Oh well, never mind. The Editors’ Guild should have fixed it for them anyway. Now: On with the non-writing!