Lost Planes

There was something oddly compelling about this story from today’s Chronicle, which may have flown beneath the radar of my non-Bay Area readers (hi, Dad).

Apparently, the ongoing search for missing “millionaire aviator” Steve Fossett has turned up no fewer than eight other planes, all of which remain unidentified for the time being. Only after concluding the search for Fossett will the agencies involved go back and investigate the other discoveries, and isn’t that a great premise for a TV series?

Suggested soundtrack:
“Lost Planes” / the Fixx
“Burning Airlines” / Brian Eno
“Hit the Plane Down” / Pavement

Burrito Tunnel

I never wanted to be one of those guys whose blog turns into a bunch of links to other blogs. But due to lack of time and general non-prolifitude, I may be turning into one of those guys.

Anyway, were you aware of the existence of a trans-continental burrito tunnel? Me neither, until today. This is truly one of the seven wonders of the modern world.