So…5 fat, juicy, real comments for the post where I talk about not blogging anymore. It just goes to show you what the rappers have already figured out: If you want the audience to pay attention to what you’re doing, threaten to retire. To keep this momentum up, from now on I’m going to retire after every post, then unretire when I have something new I want to say.

Today I am temporarily unretiring to suggest a visit to the following address:

where my old homeboy Jim McLelland is offering a series of podcasts that I hesitate to describe to you, because any quick description I gave might sound like an insult. “Self-improvement,” “Chopra-esque spiritual uplift,” “human existence coaching”…all of these things would be technically accurate and yet beside the point.

To put it simply, Jim has spent a long time thinking about this life thing, and he’s figured some stuff out. Those of us who know him are proud and maybe a little surprised at the level of insight on display here. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Now…back to the shuffleboard.