As a rational, educated modern person, I believe that astrology is utter and complete bullshit. Except, of course, as it applies to me. Every astrology column I read somehow contains 11 horoscopes that are a total waste of time and one that is strangely illuminating.

That one is Libra, my sign and that of many of my friends. Again, it is my officially stated position that astrology is stupid. How can you be said to share an entire personality profile and predestined life path with one-twelfth of the human race, just because they were born at approximately the same time of the year as you? It’s utterly ridiculous.
And yet….

And yet I must admit that I am irresistably drawn to the symbolism of the scales, because I am driven to balance and to weigh everything — to take the contrary opinion in every situation, to double- and triple- and quadruple-think everything until I make myself crazy.

And yet the following description I lifted from Wikipedia sounds awfully familiar:

The Libra person is said to be co-operative, sees both sides, open-minded, just, urbane, partnership oriented, avoids conflict, balanced, graceful, debative, idealistic, and equalitarian. They can sometimes also rationalize, be easily deterred, indecisive and lazy, and are also thought to be flirtatious, extravagant, frivolous, impatient, envious, aloof, and quarrelsome.

…although, to be honest, I quarrel with that. I am envious of no man!

And yet this article by fellow Libran Tim Sullivan in today’s Chronicle/SF Gate really struck a chord. An excerpt:

1. Philosophy: Libra sees both sides of everything.

Libra also sees both sides of seeing both sides of everything.

Libra is unhappy about seeing both sides of seeing both sides of everything.

Libra is happy to tell you this.

2. Politics: Libra is diplomatic, well balanced and appreciative.

Libra is indecisive, immovable and uncertain.

Libra has called for a confidential, closed-door meeting between both sides of Libra.

Libra believes we can work it out.

Libra also, as is well demonstrated here, likes to see Libra’s name in print. Libra is fascinated with Libra’s own idiosyncracies and internal contradictions to a really rather embarrassing degree. And when this time of year rolls around, Libra would like to be showered with gifts and attention, all the while protesting that you shouldn’t have gone to the trouble. Because that is Libra’s idea of a good time.