The Year in Philtration

A young, bug-eyed Tom Poston molests
an also young, but already crinkly-looking,
Bob Newhart

The Philter just turned 2, which means it’s time to review the last year’s posts and issue updates, corrections, and clarifications. So without further ado:

Abe Vigoda has defied the odds again by remaining alive for another year. Among those whom he’s recently outlived are Tom Poston of Mork and Mindy and Newhart fame. Only after Poston’s death did I learn he had been married to Suzanne Pleshette, who had co-starred in a different show with Bob Newhart — although Poston’s show turned out to be a dream contained entirely within Pleshette’s show. I don’t know what it all means, and I’ve already spent entirely too much time trying to figure it out.

• Speaking of the dearly departed, I am sad to report that my favorite laundromat, Bud’s Suds, is no more. Bud’s — in 2005 the subject of a brief photoessay on the dangers of dryer abuse — is mourned by all who knew it.

• The Wu-Tang graffiti that I photographed on College Ave. has of course been subsequently painted over, and don’t I feel clever for having captured it?