I found this item from today’s paper simply priceless. It has a real Monty Python quality — absurd down to its last detail, including cameos by a Phil Collins and the Yoko Ono.

Prize goes to art that means nothing

LONDON — German-born abstract painter Tomma Abts on Monday became the first female painter to land the Turner Prize in the 22-year history of one of the art world's most controversial awards.

Abts, 38, who has lived in London for 12 years, has said that she begins every piece — they all measure exactly 18.9 inches by 15 inches — with no idea what she is about to paint and that they symbolize nothing at all.

The $49,000 prize was presented by Yoko Ono during a ceremony at London's Tate Britain gallery.

London artist Rebecca Warren had been the favorite to take the prize; she specializes in sculptures of large cartoon women with what the judges called "humongous knobbly breasts and enormous bobbly buttocks."

Work by Glasgow video artist Phil Collins, another contender, includes a video of nine people who believe their lives have been ruined by reality TV.

Last year's winner was Simon Starling, who turned a shed into a boat, then back into a shed.