The other shoe drops

So Tuesday I had a dream involving Lenny Bruce and cornflakes. Wednesday I happened upon a Lenny Bruce reference in the newspaper. At 5:42 this morning I got this in my inbox:


Am I saying that my dreams are now predicting the future? Em, no. Not exactly. It’s not my intention to say that. I’d prefer to think that the cornflake spam was triggered by my writing about cornflakes on this site. However, I’ve intentionally kept my email address off the site in order to avoid spam. So I don’t know what to think.

2 Responses to “The other shoe drops”

  1. Cecil Vortex Says:

    I think this all means you should make your future writing a new tagline for Kellog’s:

    Corn Flakes: Obscenely Delicious.


  2. The Old Man in KS Says:

    But what does the fact that you got this in Spanish signify?

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