You learn something new every day

For instance, I had always assumed that the title “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” was devised by Brian Eno for his 1974 album of that name. (By the by, today is Eno’s 59th birthday. If you haven’t already, by all means please read last year’s Eno birthday tribute.)

But no; turns out he lifted the title from a “Maoist revolutionary opera” that was one of the “eight model works” promoted by Mao’s wife, Jiang Quing, during the Cultural Revolution. Eno apparently never saw the opera, but was inspired by a set of “Tiger Mountain” postcards, which you can view (along with a plot synopsis) here.

And just to bring things full circle back to rock’n’roll, Jiang Quing later became known as a member of the Gang of Four. I think she played bass.

Sancho Panza Quote of the Day

“…from now until the day I appear before God I forgive all offenses that have been done or will be done to me, whether they were done, are being done, or will be done by a person high or low, rich or poor, noble or common, without exception, and regardless of rank or position.”

(Don Quixote, Grossman translation, p. 105)

Don Quixote Quote of the Day

The Don Quixote Deathmarch is having a rest week right now, so I’m going to go back to a couple of quotes I wrote down and never posted. Without further ado, a perfectly lovely sentence…

“It seems to me I can see her now, with that face of hers shining like the sun on one side and the moon on the other…”

(Grossman translation, p. 83)