Caught in an Updraft

Walking down the Avenue today, I saw a gray-bearded African-American guy. He had just finished asking somebody for change, and as he turned toward me I assumed he was about to hit me up next.

Instead, he made a throwing motion with his right hand, out of which flew a paper airplane. A good one, too. It banked upward over my left shoulder and landed well behind me.

I complimented him on this impressive feat of engineering. He grinned and said humbly, “Got caught in an updraft.”

The Bubble Planet

Pages from somebody’s children’s books were scattered all over Pleasant Valley Avenue today. A picture of Simba the lion cub on the corner of Montgomery Street, and near the crest of the small hill near Howe Street, a white sheet containing the following inspirational message:

The Bubble Planet was
not so scary anymore.
Buzz was happy.
His friends were here.
And he was clean!

Alert the media: Monkey Vortex lives!

I am more than pleased to report that after a lengthy hibernation, the multi-headed hydra of audio entertainment that we call Monkey Vortex Radio Theater has returned to the land of the living. The new season kicks off with Part 1 of “The Phone Call,” years in the making and with a cast of several. I beseech you to click here and begin consuming our fresh content right this very moment.