The pulsing of thunder deep down in the earth is hardly noticeable.

The circle is closed. The end and the beginning meet one another in the winter solstice. The thunder, hidden in the earth, indicates that movement is coming. It cannot yet be heard, only felt. So it is also with the return of light, symbolized by the strong bottom line. Days are lengthening again, but this is noticeable only after the seventh day.

Fu is about the triumph of life, created by the interaction of heaven and earth. Light will always defeat darkness, which is why progress will be guaranteed with every movement.

The wise rulers of the past interrupted all activity on this day. This is a time of silent awakening.

-Frits Blok, I Ching: A Spiritual Guide, Chapter 24

(For another interpretation of hexagram 24, see the Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn.)