Tour de France 2005, Stage 20

Posted in Tour de France on July 23rd, 2005 by bill


Well, that mean ole devil want to catch Lance
Want to stick that pitchfork in his ass
Yes, that mean ole devil want to catch Lance
But Lance, he just too fast

–Blind Lemon Peloton
“Lance and the Devil Blues”

Let us now worship Lance Armstrong.

Lance—I feel comfortable calling him Lance now—came in first in the time trial today, beating a very motivated Jan Ullrich by 23 seconds. In doing so, he won his first stage of the 2005 Tour and guaranteed that he will complete his seventh overall victory tomorrow.

Just about the whole world is united in its admiration for his achievement, and while I am constitutionally averse to holding popular opinions, I just can’t find any reason to feel otherwise.

Sure, there are some haters out there who will tell you that we should turn against Lance because a) he’s on the juice, b) he dumped his wife for Sheryl Crow, or c) he’s only pretending to be such a nice guy and underneath is a cold-blooded, manipulative egomaniac.
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