Tour de France 2005, Stage 14

Posted in Tour de France on July 16th, 2005 by bill
This mascot is only one of T-Mobile's many problems.

This mascot is only one of T-Mobile's many problems.

After a couple of mellow stages where the main contenders sat back and watched the also-rans compete for stage wins, things heated up in Stage 14.

I mean, literally, it was hot. The cyclists were pouring sweat as they suffered through one climb after another in the Pyrénées. They were taking any water bottle they could get from anybody, and most of the time just dumping it over their heads to cool off a little. It was so hot that one the guys from Euskaltel-Euskadi burst into flames at one point.

Or I may have imagined that. I was suffering too, for different reasons having to do with Scotch whisky. I was having trouble getting enough caffeine into my system to get my brain started, so when the moment came I’ve been waiting two weeks for—when somebody finally got Lance Armstrong in their crosshairs—I almost missed it.
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