How do you feel about this whole astrology thing? I myself don’t believe in it. Mostly. But every once in a while something leads me to wonder.

Like today, for instance, is the birthday of both Tom Jones and Prince. So I started looking around the Web to see if somewhere it said “Your Birthday Today: You are a sex machine to all the chicks.”

Which it didn’t. But I did find out that today is also the birthday of two showbiz types who are known to have very large penises—Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction guitarist) and Liam Neeson (Jedi Knight)—as well as Dean Martin. Was Dino well-hung? I can’t remember ever hearing one way or the other. But he certainly had a lot of self-confidence.

And just to add to the picture, also born today: Anna Kournikova. You can insert your own joke here. I mean literally, you can click on “Comment” and insert your own joke.