How do you feel about this whole astrology thing? I myself don’t believe in it. Mostly. But every once in a while something leads me to wonder.

Like today, for instance, is the birthday of both Tom Jones and Prince. So I started looking around the Web to see if somewhere it said “Your Birthday Today: You are a sex machine to all the chicks.”

Which it didn’t. But I did find out that today is also the birthday of two showbiz types who are known to have very large penises — Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction guitarist) and Liam Neeson (Jedi Knight) — as well as Dean Martin. Was Dino well-hung? I can’t remember ever hearing one way or the other. But he certainly had a lot of self-confidence.

And just to add to the picture, also born today: Anna Kournikova. You can insert your own joke here. I mean literally, you can click on “Comment” and insert your own joke.