Kobe and Phil, (Temporarily) Together Again

I’ve been watching and reading the coverage of Phil Jackson’s return to the Lakers over the last 18 hours or so, and everyone’s making a big deal of how he’s going to coexist with Kobe. Which is a good question, given that after leaving the Lake Show Phil went public with his low opinion of Kobe as a human being. But the possibility everyone seems to ignore is that they won’t have to coexist, because the Lakers will trade Kobe’s ass.

Think about it: By dumping Kobe the Lakers could get rid of a cancer and bring in some serious talent in one fell swoop. Because of his marquee value, a lot of teams would be willing to ignore what a chump he is. How about…

• Kobe to the Sixers for Allen Iverson (probably won’t happen, given Philly’s attachment to Iverson and Iverson’s man-love for Mo Cheeks; but then again, Kobe’s a Philly guy)

• Kobe to the Cavs for LeBron James (sounds crazy, but Larry Brown’s about to take over in Cleveland, and he has a reputation for loving to make big deals)

• Kobe to Houston for T-Mac (that whole T-Mac/Yao thing isn’t working out so fantastic, is it?)

• Kobe to Denver for Carmelo, Nené, and Earl Boykins (just as a real “fuck you” to the Kobester on his way out the door)

• Kobe to Sacramento for Mike Bibby and Peja (Sac gets some box office, the Lakers get two options to work into the triangle)

So that’s my prediction: Kobe will not be a Laker at the start of next season. Remember you heard it here first.

3 Responses to “Kobe and Phil, (Temporarily) Together Again”

  1. Willem Says:

    That would be nice. You know I want to root for Phil and the triangle again, but Kobe-hate trumps Phil-love.

    What’s your bet on the season’s start date?

  2. bill Says:

    All evidence to the contrary, I still think the season will start on time. With the NHL serving as such a vivid cautionary tale, I just can’t believe David Stern would let things get too out of hand. And the players don’t have Canadian and European leagues to fall back on, at least not at an income level that would interest them. And if they shut down the Warriors just when they’re getting good, I’m going to shoot somebody.

  3. cecil Says:

    if they shut down the league just when the warriors are getting good, and then you shoot me, I’m going to be doubly pissed.

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