Apocalypse Now/Hearts of Darkness: Ch. 4

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This is where Apocalypse Now really turns into a war movie. The action and insanity come hard and fast; the boat hits the beach and is instantly surrounded by copters, boats, soldiers, and bedraggled civilians. An amphibious vehicle crawls up out of the water and topples a building. Then we hear a voice saying “Don’t look at the camera”; the shot pans and there is Francis Coppola himself, along with cinematographer Vittorio Storaro and production designer Dean Tavoularis, playing a TV crew.

Out of all this chaos emerges a larger-than-life figure: Robert Duvall as Colonel Kilgore, commanding officer of the Air Cavalry unit that is supposed to escort Willard and his crew to the Nung River. IMDB says that Duvall is only 5′ 8½”, but in this context, he seems to be about 8 feet tall; that’s acting, I guess, and Duvall is certainly a Master Thespian. (Synchronicity alert: After writing that last sentence, I took a lunch break, during which I read the following in an Esquire profile of Danny DeVito: “This man is a giant. He wasn’t born that way. That’s why they call it acting.”)
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Apocalypse Now/Hearts of Darkness: Ch. 3

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In this scene Willard begins his trip upriver and we meet the crew of the boat, who will be his companions (and ours) for the rest of the journey. As with Sheen/Willard, the overlap between the actors and the characters is significant. This can be attributed to careful casting, but also, I think, to the fact that these actors spent much, much longer in a single role than is customary for a movie. A few thoughts on each:

Mr. Clean (Larry Fishburne)

Fishburne, often credited as Laurence, went on to have a long and distinguished career including the Matrix movies and the chronically underrated Deep Cover. But when he began his role as Mr. Clean, he was a youth of 14 (by the time filming was completed, he was 17, Clean’s stated age in the movie). In Hearts of Darkness, Fishburne says:

I think what it was that was me that was Clean was just that I was a kid. And that’s I think what my role is about, I mean, it’s about the kids who were over there…who didn’t know anything about anything.

To wit, there is also a clip in HoD of young Larry, circa 1976, sharing his thoughts about the war:

The whole thing is really fun. I mean the war is fun, shit. You can do anything you want to, that’s why Vietnam must have been so much fun for the guys that were out there.

Although he is a gifted thespian, I don’t know if Fishburne is acting in Apocalypse Now so much as honestly reacting to what’s going on around him. Making this surreal, endless movie in the Philippines with a cast and crew of adults can’t have been much less bizarre for him than fighting in Vietnam would have been… though it was at least somewhat less dangerous.
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Apocalypse Now/Hearts of Darkness: Ch. 2

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One of the stranger meta-moments in Apocalypse Now occurs 10 minutes in, after Willard has been roused out of bed, cleaned up, and brought by helicopter to receive his mission. He opens the door to a trailer and there stands…Han Solo. His hair is cut short and he’s wearing glasses and fatigues, but it’s him all right.

It’s a strange twist of history that while Apocalypse Now and Star Wars both began shooting in March 1976, Apocalypse would not be released until two years after Star Wars. Francis Coppola had no way of knowing that by the time his movie came out, Harrison Ford would be instantly recognizable to pretty much everyone on Earth as a roguish space mercenary. If he had, he might have gone a different route; Ford’s appearance adds a slightly discordant note, bringing us temporarily out of the illusion and reminding us that we’re watching a movie.
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Apocalypse Now/Hearts of Darkness: Ch. 1

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For its first four minutes, Apocalypse Now is basically a music video for The Doors’ “The End” — possibly, though this is impossible to calculate or verify, the most expensive music video ever made. For a stretch nothing seems to be happening; we get static shots of a peaceful jungle, the only movement that of leaves swaying in the breeze. At :25 a military helicopter flies through the frame from left to right and some colored smoke appears, gradually intensifying until, at 1:15, Jim Morrison’s voice comes in and the jungle explodes into flame. And so it begins.

The first human face we see is Martin Sheen’s (or is it Captain Willard’s? — more on that later), upside-down, superimposed over what’s left of the jungle as flames leap and flare. The implication is clear: His head is in the jungle, and the jungle is on fire. His body, however, is in a hotel room in Saigon, and that is the first word spoken in Apocalypse Now: “Saigon,” says Sheen/Willard in voiceover at 4:20. “Shit. I’m still only in Saigon. Every time I think I’m going to wake up back in the jungle.”
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Movie of the week: “Apocalypse Now”/”Hearts of Darkness”

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This is one of the big ones. I am genetically incapable of committing to a favorite movie, but anytime the subject comes up, Apocalypse Now is going to be in the conversation. (The Conversation, of course, is an entirely different movie by Francis Ford Coppola…but let’s stick to the subject at hand.)

Part of what fascinates me about Apocalypse Now is the story of its making, which is the subject of the phenomenal 1991 documentary Hearts of Darkness. Coincidentally last night I watched an episode of the TV show Community that riffed on this subject, and while I don’t agree with Abed that Hearts of Darkness is better than Apocalypse Now, I do think that the two are really inseparable parts of a larger story.
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Album of the Year 2013

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Guess who?

It was one year ago today that David Bowie broke a long silence with the release of “Where Are We Now.” Which makes this as good a time as any to ask… well, where are we now?

It’s 2014 now, in case you haven’t gotten the memo. I suppose this happens to everyone with the passage of time, but the numbers attached to the years we’re living in seem more and more surreal to me. I can remember when the arrival of 1976 was a big deal. Then 1984, then 1999…9/11 seems like a relatively recent event to me, but all these are now receding into the distant past.

There are only two responses to this. One is to panic, and the other is to focus on the present moment and forget all about the numbers.

Which brings us back to Bowie, because the moment has arrived for me to name my album of the year for 2013. I am giving it to David for The Next Day, as there was little doubt I would, though I had to at least go through the charade of considering others.
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For Sale in Arcata

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This photo shows some items that were listed for sale in front of the Co-op in Arcata a few weeks back (click on the image for a much larger version). I think it says a few things about where this town’s head is at. If you read it aloud to yourself, it’s kind of like Beat poetry.

White Doves
young, healthy,
tame, $10 each

Madagascar cockroaches
(make great pets)
2.00 each
Dubia roaches

Passier 18″
PS Baum
wide tree [?]

Seasoned Firewood
all full cords
Fir – $240
Oak – $340
Madrone – $380
call for details

1978 (2,800$)
Cadillac Deville
2 door coupe
Phaeton model
54,000 miles – 

2007 KL WWW 151 cm
2006 Capita 158 cm
lightly used, good condition
1 pair of Drake large size bindings



300 ZX T-TOP
1994 NISSAN 94,500 mi
$5,500 obo

76 – Merc
4 dr.
good shape
Leave Mess.

Draymond Green quote of the day

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“My main thing coming into this year was to be me and do what got me here. The Warriors didn’t draft me to do what didn’t get me here. They drafted me to do what I did to get here.”

Ain’t nobody perfect

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Last night my stepdaughter made me watch Kanye West’s recent video for “Bound 2,” hoping to get me to reconsider my stated fondness for the man and his music. She didn’t quite succeed, because I know Kanye is crazy and nothing that he does really surprises me, but I must admit that the four minutes we spent watching this video were very long minutes — and not just because the internet connection kept hanging up.

“Bound 2” is an exercise in bad taste on a truly monumental scale, one most of us could never conceive of, much less carry out. It is so wrong on so many levels that one scarcely knows where to begin. See for yourself:

Is Yeezy, as the Brits say, taking the piss here? Or is this the beginning of his final, apocalyptic descent into true madness, one that will end with him…I don’t know…setting off a small thermonuclear device at the next VMAs, killing himself, the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, and hopefully Katy Perry? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

It was 50 years ago today…

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…Nov. 22, 1963…that the Beatles’ second album, With the Beatles, was released.

I seem to remember that some other important historic event happened on that day as well. I can’t think of what it was just now.