Going South

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This photo was taken at South Point, HI during a brief period last week when I was the southernmost person in the United States. If you go left here, it’s a straight shot to Antarctica.

One final piece of advice from our friends in Scotland

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Another sign

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Take at the Edinburgh Museum of Modern Art:

Words to Live By

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This is the best sign I saw on my recent trip to the UK – advice that applies anywhere, anytime.

I Capture the Castle (with My Phone)

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This photo was taken at Urquhart Castle, near Inverness in Scotland. In the foreground is a replica trebuchet built for a movie shoot a few years ago. In the background is Loch Ness. If you look close you may see Nessie peeking out from behind the branches at the left – if, you know, that’s what you want to see.

Lassi Come Home

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This shot shows the menu of a restaurant called Punjab in Covent Garden in London. Note the third item under “Homemade Lassi.”

I meant to ask the waiter about this but got all caught up in the many exciting foods and forgot all about it. Ever since I’ve been wondering, what gives? Were they just fucking with us? Could you actually order it at some point, or are they planning to make it available at some point in the near future? Or do you just have to ask nicely and/or say the secret word? A return trip will probably be necessary.


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This photo was taken just around the corner from my office in Eureka. It captures something of the essence of the place, I think.

Family Feud Poetry

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For Sale in Arcata

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This photo shows some items that were listed for sale in front of the Co-op in Arcata a few weeks back (click on the image for a much larger version). I think it says a few things about where this town’s head is at. If you read it aloud to yourself, it’s kind of like Beat poetry.

White Doves
young, healthy,
tame, $10 each

Madagascar cockroaches
(make great pets)
2.00 each
Dubia roaches

Passier 18″
PS Baum
wide tree [?]

Seasoned Firewood
all full cords
Fir – $240
Oak – $340
Madrone – $380
call for details

1978 (2,800$)
Cadillac Deville
2 door coupe
Phaeton model
54,000 miles – 

2007 KL WWW 151 cm
2006 Capita 158 cm
lightly used, good condition
1 pair of Drake large size bindings



300 ZX T-TOP
1994 NISSAN 94,500 mi
$5,500 obo

76 – Merc
4 dr.
good shape
Leave Mess.

In the Dunes

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