Song of the Week, 4/1/2017

Now for something a little more contemporary...this week’s choice is a song from America’s most beloved rap duo, Killer Mike and El-P, also known as Run the Jewels. These two guys are each talented on their own, but the chemistry between them is something special. This was on display a few weeks ago when they came to town in support of their latest album. It was flat-out one of the loudest things I’ve ever experienced – ribcage-rattling loud – but survivable with the help of earplugs and vastly entertaining. If they ever come to your town, you should check them out.  

2 Responses to “Song of the Week, 4/1/2017”

  1. Merle Baggard Says:

    MFing Beatles + 50 won’t let me comment. Very angry :<

  2. Robert Yamauchi Says:

    Agreed!…my current favorite hip hop duo…they are carrying the torch from my golden age heroes: NWA, Ice Cube in particular and Public Enemy…’Live at the Garden!” will see them the next time around…they have been the darlings of the summer rock festivals the last couple of years…RtJ 3 is a killer album

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